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Julie Schatz is a producer, singer/songwriter, pianist and violinist. Her beats have an eclectic sound and range from hip-hop, trap, r&b, pop, EDM, and house styles with an affinity to the trap and r&b sounds. She mixes jazz elements as well, having studied jazz piano and theory. The melodic lines, versatile bass lines and drum patterns used in her beats lend well to creating catchy vocal lines and rap verses.

Julie will soon be releasing original songs. Some have been written, produced, and recorded by herself, and others in collaboration with a diverse range of established writers and producers within the industry.

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In 2020, Julie officially became an artist partner of Roland Corporation.

Free Beats! All beats are original tracks written, recorded and produced by Julie Schatz.

Julie is a regular contributor to Splice. Here is one of her tutorials on melody improvement through the use of rhythmic variations:

Can Feminist Producers Beat the Men in the Bedroom?

Can Feminist Producers Beat the Men in the Bedroom?

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